Q: What is your typical lead time for starting a job?
A: We typically work at about 3 to 4 weeks out, however if you have a customer who is in an emergency situation, we will take every step to get the project in sooner. As a rule, we schedule on a first come first serve basis.

Q: How long does a typical above ground low profile foundation take to complete?
A: We schedule 1 week for above ground projects and are normally completed in 3 or 4 days

Q: How do you form piers?
A: Unless we are instructed otherwise, we trench form all our piers. This is the most cost effective method to complete your foundation.

Q: How does weather affect your schedule and projects?
A: Weather impacts all construction and scale foundations are no exception. Bad weather can sometimes delay projects which trickle down to delaying start dates of the following project. Winter has an obvious impact on construction which makes completion dates very hard to estimate between December and March in the Northeast

Q: When you issue a start date for a project is it guarenteed?
A: No. We will never move on to a project until the previous project is either complete or delayed beyond our control. We do our best to estimate a timeframe for each project but circumstances sometimes dictate that we remain on site longer than expected. This would require delaying the following project.

Q: What type of foundation should I plan on using?
A: Typically a pier type foundation is the most economical, however if there is a reason to believe that the soil conditions are below the manufacturers requirement or if there is suspected water or obstructions of any kind, a slab type foundation might be worth investigating.

Q: Can we use a slab type foundation in areas that are subject to frost?
A: The slab foundation was originally developed for areas the had frost penetration below any practicle depth for footings to be placed. The concept is that if frost where to penetrate under the slab if would move monolithically (as one unit). They are perfectly acceptable.

Q: What is required of our company once the project has begun?
A: Most of our jobs are completed with minimal requirements of the scale company. We ask that you have someone available via telephone during normal business hours in case of matters that would require a change in the project whether it be a change in contract price, scope of work or both.

Q: What type of information would you like us to look for when beginning the quotation process?
A: There are many things you can look for before the quoting process begins. Is there asphalt, concrete or any other material that may need demolition? How level is the site for the entire size of the project, including ramps. If the customer has any soil information, it would be useful to us.

Q: Do you require a deposit to start a job?
A: We do ask for 33% for new customers. Existing customers in good standing will have this waived. We do give terms of Net 30 days to any balance.

Q: What if our customer is not ready for the foundation when they are in the schedule?
A: If we receive notice at least 1 week prior to the scheduled start date, we will insert them in the schedule at their convenience or our first available slot. If we arrive on site to find the customer not ready, we will bill you a travel and lost time charge of $1000.00. We will also require a deposit on the next project to try and eliminate this problem.

Q: How long are your quotes effective?
A: That depends on when we issue it. If the quote was issued based on winter procedures, the price will actually be reduced if the job begins after April 1st. Conversely, a quote issued between April and November based on summer time conditions will be subject to a winter surcharge for increased concrete and labor expenses.