What to Expect

Estimate to Invoice


Prior to quoting your project we ask that you contact us for a job specific quote

We will provide a written quote via fax or e-mail (preferred)

Customer contacts us when the job has been secured for a start date

We ask that a representative from either the scale company or the end user be present upon our arrival to determine the exact scale location.

Our crew of two arrives on site with our tools, forms and a mini-excavator for pier and slab foundations larger equipment as needed for pits and large demolition

We Trench Form all piers unless otherwise requested prior to the quotation

We will provide all embedded materials that are not supplied by the manufacturer

All of our coping, bumper plates and all other fabrications are made in house prior to the project

We schedule 1 week for all standard above ground applications however we usually complete these in 3 or 4 days

Upon our completion of the project we will invoice the amount of the quotation plus any change orders that might have taken place during construction.